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Pegasus Drone
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Pegasus Checklist


  • Batteries:
    • 6S Lipo Charged at ~ 23.0 V
    • (2) 2S Li-Ion Battery Charged at ~ 7.0 V
  • GoPro:
    • Charged, free memory
  • Pixhawk
    • Free Memory Card
    • All flight modes set as desired (and memorized)
  • Pegasus Drone Kit
  • Laptop
    • With Qgroundcontrol installed and pegasus-DDS working
  • Backup Props


  • Don't Connect Lipo Battery to drone
  • Connect Pixhawk to laptop and check calibration and modes, look for any errors. The top bar should be green and display ready for flight.
  • Connect to Xavier and start your nodes (see offboard instructions for details)
  • Ensure publishing frequency set to Qos Standards
  • Check LIPO battery voltage
  • Make sure the transmitter is in disarmed mode.
  • Extend Pegasus arms, check all connections, if unsure, do a continuity test using a multimeter.
  • Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight, especially of the propellers.
  • connect the battery and wait for the green LED in GPS
  • Ensure GPS status is good on Qgroundcontrol
  • Remove the USB cable from the laptop
  • Place drone at a safe distance from your position (ideally 1 - 1.5 meters)
  • Start recording device if required.
  • Arm the drone, and press the emergency kill switch, to ensure it works.
  • Reset the emergency switch, disarm the drone.


  • Set Position mode and arm the drone.
  • Once in a stable position set offboard mode.
  • Set position mode, then set land mode
  • Disarm the drone and remove the battery

Author: Mihir Patel